Preshop Terms & Conditions – IMhomestylist



  • Installment plan is applicable to all readystock and preshop items
  • PROMOTION installment plan only applicable to the Imhomestylist club members. Non-member still can apply for this installment but no discount will be given.
  • 10% discount club member will be given for each item order in Raya installment plan (not included membership card fee & delivery charge)
  • Orders will be automatically cancel if customer missed the payment for 2 consecutive months. No refunds given back due to forfeit installment agreement
  • All orders are not refundable. We do not provide credit or refunds


  • Installment up to 12 months (minimum 3 months installment) starts on November 2019
  • Zero interest and no tax will be charged in this installment plan
  • Payment is by cash, online transfer/banking or cheque
  • Payment by debit/credit card is for only with purchase RM 800 and above
  • Customer need to fill up & signing the ‘Payment Agreement Contract’ before make a first payment (Our customer consultant  will provide for the agreement form)
  • No cancellation or change of items after seller received order & get first payment from customer
  • Customer has to pay every month consecutively follow installment month agreement calculation without any delay or extend


  • Customers are not allowed to collect/pick up item if the full payment has not been settled.
  • Ready for collect/self-pickup after last payment made (follow installment payment date).
  • Ready for delivery by agent or courier after last payment made (delivery charges applied)
  • Pickup & delivery of the item must be made in 14 days after last payment have been made. If more than the given period, storage charges will be charged RM50/day

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